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LMNTL studios

A space for healing and creativity. Find your core.


Breathwork is conscious connected breathing in a cyclical way that allows you to release control and experience whatever emotions come up in order to heal.  


Holotropic Breathwork utilizes accelerated breathing, evocative music and energy releasing bodywork to assist us in working in an expanded state of consciousness. With one’s intrinsic wisdom guiding the process, healing takes place by the full experiencing of what’s emerging and the releasing of what’s no longer needed.  This allows us to better experience and integrate these deeper parts of self in our effort to move toward wholeness.

To learn more about upcoming group classes or individual sessions, inquire at

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Laying in Meadow
Film Clapboard


LMNTL serves the creative community with pre and post production services as writing and editing for film, sound, and podcasts.



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