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(He/Him) Bryan is an actor, vo artist, singer, and ginger working his way through Los Angeles.



Bryan is about the open a favorite musical, The Last Five Years at the Sierra Madre Playhouse He also has the feature film, Goldilocks and the Two Bears, premiering in July in theatres.


He recently worked with acclaimed director's Pan Luo and Jeff Lipsky on upcoming projects and has been staying busy in the indie market.

A Texas transplant, Bryan unwittingly showed up in NYC as a literal lyric from Annie!: “3 bucks, 2 bags, 1 [ginger].” A few years of hustling later, he went to UConn for his MFA in Acting. He also wrote, performed, and edited an epic radio thriller called Rogue Waves, now on Apple and Spotify. 

Bryan is committed to creating a more inclusive theatre and inspiring positive, anti-racist change within the communities it serves. He’s interested in exploring inequalities and social justice issues in overt and subtle ways.

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